vectra heman 175
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vectra heman - skid steer loader

Vectra HEMAN 175 is a Skid-steer loader popularly known as SSL.

It is a compact design, engine-powered machine with rigid-frame and lift arms used along with a wide variety of attachments for commercial & construction sites, farming , agriculture, landscaping and mining.

The compact design, unique transmission system and robust construction with fewer working parts allows for maximum maneuverability in tight spaces, highlighting its strength and ease of operation. It has the agility to negotiate steep gradient and has low centre of gravity. The machine turns into a multi-purpose tool with a host of attachments to suit different applications. It is very easy to maintain as the access is made easy with a tilt up cabin without use of external support, thus saving time and effort.

The machines can be used to dig, grade, floor sweeping, shrub cutting, lifting, break rocks, doze and many other tasks. Vectra HEMAN 175 is a versatile machine and is mostly used by public and private corporations for various cleaning and maintaining drives using multiple attachments. Vectra HEMAN 175 was recently inducted into the fleet by Allahabad Municipal Corporation under ‘Clean Ganga Mission’ & Benaras Municipal Corporation under ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ in India. VECTRA HEMAN 175 was airlifted to Nepal during the earthquake rescue and rehabilitation operations as a supporting gesture by the INDIAN ARMY under operation ‘MAITRI’